China Professional Large Tons High Pressure Industrial Telescopic Hydraulic Oil Cylinder for Dump Trailer with Great quality

Product Description

Large Tons High Pressure Industrial Telescopic Hydraulic Oil Cylinder for Dump Trailer

Data Sheet

Machine Type Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder
Mounting Type Binaural Mounting
Code No. af003
Pressure Range 21 (Mpa)
Brand  Aofa Machinery 
Custom tiles Yes
Specifications the specific price is subject to the customer service quotation

Product Description
This series of hydraulic cylinders has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance, buffer device and various connection methods. All seals are made of CHINAMFG brand products. Applicable to construction machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transportation machinery and other industries.

Product Characteristics
1.Durable and Reliable Cylinders to Fit Several Models.
2.Rugged and built to last with threaded rod end caps for longer life and better sealing
3.Manufactured with CHINAMFG brand seals for durability, quality and performance

*Plated Chrome Piston Rod



*Automatic Welding


*#45 Steel


*Quality Test




HangZhou CHINAMFG Machinery Co., LTD., formerly known as HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n East CHINAMFG Petrochemical Fitting Corporation, was founded in 1997. CHINAMFG focus on the field of machinery manufacturing, committed to providing cylinder, flange (petrochemical accessories), pin, sheet metal parts and other mechanical products; Heat exchanger, ambient vaporizer, LNG handling arm and other gas engineering products for domestic sales and foreign trade import and export services. CHINAMFG is a leading enterprise who collects production, foreign trade, sales and service. Relying on our technology, taking quality as the core and efficiency as the soul, we aim to bring the best quality mechanical products to our customers, and is committed to becoming a one-stop solution expert of mechanical parts. It is determined to become a one-stop service supplier integrating research and development, production and sales. Enterprises adhere to the “all for the customer” service purpose, implement the “customer first, quality first, service first” business philosophy, the use of omni-channel sales model, to build a global sales network, open CHINAMFG machinery brand development road.

Aofa always follows the purpose of “providing value products for customers, providing development space for employees, and creating outstanding leading brands in the industry”, abides by the enterprise development concept of “creating value by heart”, and adheres to the mission of “manufacturing machinery high-quality products, creating a harmonious society”. The enterprise gathers many young and promising, positive people with lofty ideals, through the perfect management system and competitive incentive mechanism, aims to provide all-round development space for employees, and create a better future with the enterprise. Scientific management mode, intimate service attitude, for the enterprise to win credibility and public praise. In the fierce market competition to establish a good corporate image, and with many enterprises to establish long-term, stable strategic partnership, for the further development of the enterprise has laid a CHINAMFG foundation.

Q1:Can you provide a sample before a big order?
A:Yes, we can .

Q2:Are you able to make Non-standard or customized air cylinders?
A:Yes, we can, we have our own factory, we can satisfy the customers’ demands

Q3:How long is the warranty?
A:We offer 12 months warranty time.

Q4:Can I have my brand on the products?
A:Of course you can.

Q5:What is your delivery time?
A:3-5days if we have stock, 15-25days if we have no stock.

Q6.  Do you test all your goods before delivery?
 A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery
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Certification: ISO9001
Pressure: 21MPa
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
Acting Way: Double Acting
Working Method: Straight Trip
Adjusted Form: Regulated Type

telescopic cylinder

Can telescopic cylinders be used in both mobile and stationary machinery?

Yes, telescopic cylinders can be used in both mobile and stationary machinery. Here’s a detailed explanation:


Telescopic cylinders are highly versatile and can be integrated into a wide range of machinery, regardless of whether it is mobile or stationary. The modular design and customizable features of telescopic cylinders make them adaptable to various applications and industries.

Mobile machinery:

In mobile machinery, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, material handling vehicles, and truck-mounted cranes, telescopic cylinders play a crucial role. They are commonly used for tasks such as lifting and lowering loads, extending and retracting booms or arms, tilting or dumping containers, and providing stability and support. The compactness of telescopic cylinders is particularly advantageous in mobile machinery, where space constraints are common.

Stationary machinery:

Telescopic cylinders are also well-suited for stationary machinery, including industrial equipment, manufacturing machinery, hydraulic presses, and material processing systems. In these applications, telescopic cylinders are used for tasks such as lifting heavy objects, adjusting heights or positions, applying pressure or force, and controlling movements. The extended reach and high force output of telescopic cylinders make them suitable for stationary machinery that requires precise and controlled motion.

Common applications:

Telescopic cylinders can be found in a variety of common applications across both mobile and stationary machinery. Some examples include:

  • Crane trucks: Telescopic cylinders enable the extension and retraction of crane booms, allowing for lifting and positioning of heavy loads at various heights and distances.
  • Front-end loaders: Telescopic cylinders support the lifting and tilting of buckets or forks, facilitating material handling and loading operations.
  • Dump trucks: Telescopic cylinders enable the tilting of dump truck beds, allowing for controlled unloading of materials.
  • Scissor lifts: Telescopic cylinders provide vertical lifting and lowering capabilities, allowing for elevated work platforms and access to higher areas.
  • Hydraulic presses: Telescopic cylinders apply force to compress or shape materials in manufacturing processes.

These examples illustrate the versatility and applicability of telescopic cylinders in both mobile and stationary machinery.

It’s important to consider the specific requirements of each machinery application and consult with manufacturers or industry experts to ensure the selection and integration of telescopic cylinders that meet the operational needs and safety standards.

telescopic cylinder

How do telescopic cylinders contribute to stable and safe equipment operation?

Telescopic cylinders play a significant role in ensuring stable and safe equipment operation. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Load distribution:

Telescopic cylinders assist in distributing the load evenly across the equipment. As the cylinders extend or retract, they provide support and help maintain the balance of the load. This load distribution is crucial for preventing equipment instability, reducing the risk of tipping or tilting, and ensuring safe operation.

Weight management:

Telescopic cylinders aid in managing the weight distribution of equipment during various operations. By extending or retracting the cylinders selectively, operators can control the positioning and center of gravity of the load. This helps mitigate the risk of equipment imbalance, enhances stability, and promotes safe equipment operation.

Controlled movements:

Telescopic cylinders enable controlled and precise movements of equipment components. The hydraulic control system regulates the extension and retraction of the cylinders, allowing operators to adjust the speed, force, and position of the movement. This precise control minimizes sudden or jerky motions, reduces the likelihood of equipment instability, and enhances overall safety during operation.

Shock absorption:

Telescopic cylinders provide a level of shock absorption during equipment operation. The design of the cylinders, along with the hydraulic system, helps absorb and dampen sudden shocks or impacts that may occur during material handling or terrain traversal. This shock absorption capability reduces stress on the equipment, minimizes the risk of component failure or damage, and contributes to safe and smooth operation.

Operator safety:

Telescopic cylinders contribute to operator safety by providing stability and control. The stable operation of equipment facilitated by the cylinders reduces the risk of accidents or operator injury caused by equipment instability, tipping, or excessive vibrations. Additionally, the precise control over equipment movements enhances operator confidence and minimizes the likelihood of human error during operation.

Monitoring and feedback:

Telescopic cylinders can be integrated with monitoring systems that provide real-time feedback on cylinder performance, load distribution, and equipment stability. This information allows operators to make informed decisions, take corrective actions if necessary, and ensure ongoing safe operation.

Overall, telescopic cylinders contribute to stable and safe equipment operation through load distribution, weight management, controlled movements, shock absorption, operator safety, and monitoring capabilities. Their role in maintaining equipment stability and providing precise control enhances operational safety and reduces the risk of accidents or equipment failure.

It’s important to consult the equipment manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for specific information on the integration, operation, and maintenance of telescopic cylinders to ensure safe equipment usage.

telescopic cylinder

What industries commonly use telescopic cylinders in their applications?

Telescopic cylinders find applications in a wide range of industries where extended reach, height adjustment, or lifting capabilities are required. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Industries commonly using telescopic cylinders:

  • Construction: The construction industry extensively utilizes telescopic cylinders in various equipment, including excavators, backhoes, loaders, cranes, and concrete pumps. Telescopic cylinders enable the extension and retraction of booms, arms, or buckets, providing the necessary reach, digging, and lifting capabilities in construction and earthmoving applications.
  • Material Handling and Logistics: Telescopic cylinders are essential in industries involved in material handling and logistics operations. This includes applications such as cranes, forklifts, loaders, conveyor systems, and automated storage and retrieval systems. Telescopic cylinders enable the lifting, tilting, or extending movements required for efficient loading, unloading, and transportation of materials.
  • Agriculture: The agricultural sector employs telescopic cylinders in various machinery, such as tractors, harvesters, sprayers, and irrigation systems. Telescopic cylinders facilitate height adjustment, folding/unfolding of implements, and movement of equipment parts, enhancing productivity and efficiency in agricultural operations.
  • Transportation and Automotive: Telescopic cylinders play a role in the transportation and automotive industries. They are used in applications such as dump trucks, trailers, refuse trucks, car haulers, and hydraulic ramps. Telescopic cylinders enable the efficient tilting, dumping, or lifting of cargo, enhancing the functionality and versatility of transportation equipment.
  • Marine and Offshore: The marine and offshore industries utilize telescopic cylinders in applications such as ship cranes, offshore platforms, and subsea equipment. Telescopic cylinders enable the extension and retraction of booms, arms, or lifting mechanisms, supporting various marine operations including cargo handling, offshore construction, and underwater exploration.
  • Mining and Quarrying: In mining and quarrying operations, telescopic cylinders are employed in equipment such as excavators, loaders, and conveyor systems. They facilitate the necessary extension and retraction movements for digging, lifting, and conveying materials, enhancing productivity and efficiency in mining operations.
  • Utilities and Energy: The utilities and energy sectors utilize telescopic cylinders in applications such as utility trucks, aerial platforms, power line maintenance equipment, and renewable energy installations. Telescopic cylinders enable the safe and efficient access to elevated work areas, equipment maintenance, and positioning of components in energy infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial: Telescopic cylinders are found in manufacturing and industrial environments in various machinery, including automated systems, assembly lines, robotic arms, and material handling equipment. They provide the necessary linear motion and reach for precise positioning, lifting, or transferring of components during manufacturing processes.

These are just a few examples of industries that commonly use telescopic cylinders in their applications. The versatility and efficiency of telescopic cylinders make them valuable components in numerous sectors where extended stroke lengths or compact retracted lengths are required.

It’s important to consult industry-specific guidelines and regulations to ensure the proper selection, installation, and maintenance of telescopic cylinders based on the specific application requirements.

China Professional Large Tons High Pressure Industrial Telescopic Hydraulic Oil Cylinder for Dump Trailer   with Great quality China Professional Large Tons High Pressure Industrial Telescopic Hydraulic Oil Cylinder for Dump Trailer   with Great quality
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