China Professional 12 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck/Hydraulic Tipping System vacuum pump for ac

Product Description

Parker single acting telescopic cylinders provide value through proven reliability, efficient performance, increased safety. Each CHINAMFG single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder features threaded steel stop rings for ease of service and reliable stopping, welded overlaps for increased service life, and longer sleeve overlap for improved stability.

External packing nuts provide added support to the tube exterior, and the polyurethane rod wipers resist higher temperatures without extrusion. The bleeder-less design eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of removing air from the cylinder. Every CHINAMFG type single acting telescopic cylinder is individually tested before leaving our plant to assure proper performance and leak-free operation.

 ·Parker Seal Division-“Zero-leak” Sealing Package                    
  ·100,000 Yield Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Rod as Standard                                      
 ·Skived and Burnished Tubing                                    
 ·Hardened Pin-eye Bushings                                  
 ·Parker”Zero-leak” Internal Bypass Piston Design                                        
 ·Greater Rod Support  

 ·Leak Free Extended Life                              
 ·More Resilient to External Damage                        
 ·Consistant Quality                            
 ·Extends Cylinder Life as Cylinder Wears                            
 ·More Efficient/Less Heat                                
 ·Resiste rod Deflection and Side Loading  

Product Description

Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder with CC,DB and DC Mounts
Single Acting Telescopic Cylinder with MB and MC Mounts

CHINAMFG Type Hydraulic Cylinder Model

Company Profile


JUNRUI specialize in the production and R&D of Dump Truck&Trailer Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder, Dump Truck Hydraulic System,Agricultural Machinery Hydraulic Cylinder, Garbage Truck Hydraulic Cylinder, Tipping Platform Hydraulic Cylinder,Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinder and so on.

Over the years development,our products have been exported to  America, Australia, Russia, Canada, Mexico,Colombia,Netherlands etc
and have been widely praised by the customers from home and abroad.

We are committed to providing customers with high quality and reasonable price products.
All Junrui products are designed,engineered and manufactured by highly skilled and experienced engineers,
All the products do QC 3 times before delivery to make sure the quality.

The company has imported CNC deep hole boring machines, CNC laser cutting machines, CNC machining centers, CNC cleaning machines, automatic assembly lines for hydraulic cylinders, robot welding stations, automatic welding machines and other precision processing equipment, over 200 sets.

After years of development, JUNRUI Hydraulic has developed into an enterprise with complete hardware facilities, sophisticated processing equipment, strong technical force, and good social benefits. For the stable development of your main business, we look CHINAMFG to cooperating with you.






HIGH QUALITITY GUARANTEE- Telescopic hydraulic cylinder for dump truck
-7*24 service.
-Competitive price.
-Professional technical team.
-Perfect after-sales service system.
-ODM&OEM according to customer needs.
-Strong production capacity to ensure fast delivery.
-Guarantee Quality. Every process must be inspected, all products need be tested before leaving the factory.

<Hydraulic Cylinder Leak Test

<Telescopic Hydraulic jack Buffer Test

<Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder Reliability Test

<Dump truck Hydraulic Cylinder Full Stroke Test

<Dump trailer Hydraulic Cylinder Trial Operation Test

<Tipper truck Cylinder Pressure Tight Test

<Dump truck telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Load Efficiency Test
<Dump trailer telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Start-up Pressure Test
<Long stroke single acting  hydraulic telescopic cylinder  Testing the Effect of Limit

JUNRUI Package


Q1.Do you have MOQ?
      Depending on different ideas, Can be negotiated. The larger the quantity is, the competitive the unit price will be.
Q2.Should the customer pay the delivery fee, How much is it?
       For the delivery fee, many samples are being requested to be sent, so we must get the delivery fee.
       If you tell me to use the appointed Express, you will give me your express account or you will pay according to the Express.
       If you do not request, I will choose a cheap one in China.
Q3.How about the after sale service?
      1) We will always keep the quality the same as the buyer’s samples and if there is something with the quality, we will make compensation for our customers.
      2) We will suggest our packing and take charge in our packing, we will keep the goods safe in the delivery.
      3) We will trace the goods from the production to selling, we will solve the problems in the selling for our customers.
Q4.When can I get a price?
      We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.
Q5: Are you a trade company or manufacturer?
      We are a professional manufacturer with our factory.


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Certification: CE, ISO9001
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
Acting Way: Single Acting
Working Method: Straight Trip
Adjusted Form: Regulated Type
US$ 500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




telescopic cylinder

Can telescopic cylinders be used in construction equipment like cranes?

Yes, telescopic cylinders are commonly used in construction equipment, including cranes. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Role in crane operation:

Telescopic cylinders play a critical role in the operation of cranes by enabling the extension and retraction of crane booms or arms. The telescopic cylinder is typically located at the base of the boom and is responsible for extending or retracting the boom sections, allowing the crane to reach different heights and distances.

Extension and retraction mechanism:

The telescopic cylinder in a crane consists of multiple stages or sleeves that retract inside one another. This nested design allows for compact storage when the boom is retracted, minimizing the overall length of the crane. When the cylinder extends, the stages slide out, increasing the length of the boom and providing the necessary reach. The synchronized extension and retraction of the stages are facilitated by the hydraulic control system.

Hydraulic control system:

The hydraulic control system in cranes is responsible for the precise and controlled extension and retraction of telescopic cylinders. It regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid to each stage of the cylinder, ensuring synchronized movement. By adjusting the flow rate, the operator can control the speed of extension and retraction, allowing for smooth and controlled operation of the crane.

Load handling capabilities:

Telescopic cylinders in cranes are designed to handle significant loads. They provide the necessary lifting force to support heavy loads at various boom lengths. The cylinder’s bore size, rod diameter, and overall construction are engineered to withstand the forces exerted during lifting and to deliver the required lifting capacities.

Variety of crane types:

Telescopic cylinders are utilized in various types of cranes, including mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and crawler cranes. These cranes are widely used in construction sites, infrastructure projects, and other lifting and material handling applications. The versatility of telescopic cylinders allows them to be integrated into different crane designs and configurations.

Advantages of telescopic cylinders in cranes:

Telescopic cylinders offer several advantages in crane applications. These include:

  • Compactness: Telescopic cylinders enable the boom to be retracted to a compact size, making it easier to transport and maneuver the crane in confined spaces.
  • Reach and height capabilities: The telescopic design allows the crane to achieve extended reach and height, enabling it to access elevated work areas or reach over obstacles.
  • Efficiency: The controlled extension and retraction of telescopic cylinders contribute to efficient operation, allowing the crane to adjust its boom length quickly and precisely.
  • Stability: Telescopic cylinders provide stability to the crane by supporting the boom and load, ensuring safe lifting and lowering of heavy objects.

Overall, telescopic cylinders are integral components of construction equipment like cranes. They enable the extension and retraction of crane booms, contribute to efficient and controlled operation, and enhance the lifting capabilities of cranes in various construction and material handling tasks.

It’s important to consult the crane manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for specific information on the telescopic cylinder’s capabilities, maintenance requirements, and safety considerations.

telescopic cylinder

How do telescopic cylinders handle variations in cylinder size and capacity?

Telescopic cylinders are designed to handle variations in cylinder size and capacity effectively. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Modular design:

Telescopic cylinders feature a modular design that allows for flexibility in cylinder size and capacity. They consist of multiple stages or sections that retract inside one another, similar to a telescope. The number of stages can vary depending on the desired extended length and capacity of the cylinder. This modular design enables telescopic cylinders to be customized according to specific requirements.

Variable stroke length:

Telescopic cylinders offer the advantage of variable stroke length. The stroke length refers to the distance the cylinder can extend and retract. By adjusting the stroke length, the effective size and capacity of the telescopic cylinder can be modified. This flexibility allows for accommodating variations in the size and capacity requirements of different applications.

Increased capacity with additional stages:

Telescopic cylinders can handle variations in capacity by adding more stages to the cylinder. Each stage contributes to the overall capacity of the cylinder. By including additional stages, the cylinder’s capacity can be increased to handle higher loads or operate in more demanding conditions. This scalability makes telescopic cylinders suitable for a wide range of applications with varying capacity needs.

Proportional force distribution:

Telescopic cylinders distribute the applied force proportionally across the stages. As the cylinder extends, each stage contributes to supporting the load and transmitting the force. The force distribution ensures that the load is evenly distributed among the stages, allowing the cylinder to handle variations in capacity effectively.

Hydraulic control system:

Telescopic cylinders rely on a hydraulic control system for operation. The system allows for precise control over the extension and retraction of each stage. By adjusting the hydraulic pressure and flow, operators can regulate the movement and force exerted by the cylinder, ensuring optimal performance and capacity utilization.

Overall, telescopic cylinders handle variations in cylinder size and capacity through their modular design, variable stroke length, ability to add stages for increased capacity, proportional force distribution, and hydraulic control system. These features make telescopic cylinders adaptable to different applications and enable them to effectively handle varying size and capacity requirements.

It’s important to consult the equipment manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for specific information on the size, capacity, and operational considerations of telescopic cylinders.

telescopic cylinder

What are the benefits of using telescopic cylinders for long-reach tasks?

Telescopic cylinders offer several benefits when it comes to long-reach tasks. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Extended reach:

One of the primary advantages of telescopic cylinders is their ability to provide extended reach. By utilizing a nested structure with multiple stages, telescopic cylinders can achieve significantly longer stroke lengths compared to other types of cylinders. This extended reach is beneficial for tasks that require accessing or manipulating objects or materials at a distance.

Compact retracted length:

Despite their extended reach, telescopic cylinders have a relatively compact retracted length. This is advantageous in situations where space is limited or when a shorter cylinder length is preferred. The compact retracted length enables telescopic cylinders to be installed in confined areas or integrated into equipment without excessive protrusion.

Flexible and adjustable:

Telescopic cylinders offer flexibility and adjustability, allowing for fine-tuning of the stroke length, force, and speed. This adjustability is particularly useful in long-reach tasks where precise control and positioning are required. The hydraulic control system of telescopic cylinders enables operators to optimize the cylinder’s performance according to the specific task and operating conditions.

High force capabilities:

Telescopic cylinders are designed to handle heavy loads and can generate substantial force. This makes them suitable for long-reach tasks that involve lifting, pushing, pulling, or manipulating objects at a distance. The high force capabilities of telescopic cylinders ensure that the required power is available to perform the task effectively.

Enhanced stability:

Telescopic cylinders are engineered to provide stability during long-reach tasks. The nested structure and hydraulic control system work together to ensure synchronized and controlled extension and retraction of the stages. This stability is crucial for maintaining precise positioning, minimizing oscillations or vibrations, and preventing potential hazards or accidents.


Telescopic cylinders find applications in various industries and tasks that involve long-reach requirements. They are commonly used in construction equipment, material handling machinery, cranes, booms, and many other applications where extended reach is necessary.

Overall, the benefits of using telescopic cylinders for long-reach tasks include extended reach, compact retracted length, flexibility, high force capabilities, enhanced stability, and versatility. These advantages make telescopic cylinders a valuable choice for tasks that require reaching or manipulating objects at a distance.

It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications to ensure the proper selection, installation, and operation of telescopic cylinders based on the specific long-reach task requirements.

China Professional 12 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck/Hydraulic Tipping System   vacuum pump for ac	China Professional 12 Ton Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Dump Truck/Hydraulic Tipping System   vacuum pump for ac
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