China Hot selling High Quality Fee Type Front End Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Trailer on Sale vacuum pump ac

Product Description

High Quality FEE Type Front End Hydraulic Cylinder for Trailer on Sale

No.1  Company Introduction:
ZheJiang CHINAMFG hydraulic co., ltd.  is a specialized custom hydraulic cylinder for tipper truck manufacturing enterpirise which takes up with design, manufacturer, sell hydraulic products. The company covers an area of 180,000 square meters, with 500 emplayees in it. There are 700 sets of manufacturing equipments, such as cold drawing production lines, surface treatment production line, boring and rolling production line, various of digital-control machining and testing equipment.
>Professional manufacturer& supplier of Hydraulic Cylinders for more than 22 years;
>Hydraulic Cylinders Certification ISO9001:2009, SGS, TS16949, RoHS, CNAS Certification;
>Experience in export North America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa;
>Hydraulic Cylinders can be Make according to client’s requirements;
>The Hydraulic Cylinders can be used for Dump Truck, Tipper Truck, Trailer, Agricultural Machinery, Engineering Machinery, Garbage Truck, Landing Platform etc;
>We are the supplier of Sinotruk, IVECO, AUMAN, BEIBEN TRUCK, CIMC, JMC, Beiben Truck, CAMC, FOTON, JAC, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n, SHACMAN, most of famous truck manufacturing and refitting company use our telescopic cylinder as first choice.

No.2  Product Details: 

HS Code 8412210000
Application Dump truck, Tipper, Trailer
Material of cylinder tube 45 steel, 27SiMn,Carbon steel, Alloy steel and general seamless steel
Seal Hallite, SKF, NOK, Guarnitec, Parker, Merkel, Kaden
Coating Hard Chrome 0.03-0.05mm
Temperature -30°C to +100°C
Working pressure 16Mpa-20Mpa
Color as Customer’s Requirement
Mounting Type Earring-trunnion, double trunnion, double earring (eye end)
Plunger 20#, 45# steel with high frequency quenching
Certification ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, ABS, API, SGS
Package shrink film, pallet, plywood case
Warranty fourteen months after shipping arrival
Main export market US, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fiji Island, Kenya, Philippines, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.via, the United Arab Unites,Singapore
Payment terms T/T, L/C
Delivery time 25-30 days after down payment

No.3  Complete Manufacturing Processes

700 sets manufacturing equipment,such as cold drawing production line ,heat treatment production line ,surface treatment production line,testing equipment,various digital-control machining equipment,gantry style linear electroplating production line.

>Owned plating plant founded in 1998;
>Owned honed tube plant founded in 2000;
>Owned Heat treatment founded in 1995;
>Each processing under our control, each products,every step under strict quality control;

No.4  Advantage
1) Professional, skilled, reliable.
2) One-stop total solution
3) Ready stock goods with fast delivery
4) Customizable: Non-standard sizes are also available
5) Small quantity is acceptable
6) Refund or replacement for any product faulty

No.5 Dream
*Company vision:Act as the laeder of internal hydraulic industry 
*Enterprise concept:Better and stronger
*Core values:Learning and innovation,equality and justice,customers the first,and quality winning the world
*Enterprise spirit:Complete sincerity,complete precision more excellent,and up to date
*Quality policy:Pursue zero defects of our products,and realize zeo customers’ complains
*Company type:Respond quickly,act immediately,finish what to do today,and improve day after day

No.6  Strict Quality Control System And Certificates and Packaging

1. Trial Operation Test
2. Start-up Pressure Test
3. Pressure-Tight Test
4. Leak Test
5. Full Stroke Test
6. Buffer Test
7. Testing the Effect of Limit
8. Load Efficiency Test
9. Reliability Test

Every piece of hydraulic cylinder are tested and will send out only after they are pasted the each test.
Our company has abundant technical force and perfect testing means. By making wide technical and business cooperation with many related enterprises, universities, colleges and institutes both at home and abroad, and employing senior engineers and software engineers, we have greatly strengthened and improved our designing, processing, and testing abilities.

No.7 After-service

 1).Pre-sale service: Keep communicating with the truck manufacturers , including selection of product model , design of hydraulic system,   test of performance and analysis of the accident. Once the problems occur, we will solve them immediately together with truck manufacturers
 2).The sale service: Provide training and technical support for users.
 3).After-sale service: Solve the problem firstly, then analyse responsibility ; Replace the system components immediately if any need. 
 4). 24 hours telephone service hotline.

No.8 Rich Market Experiences and Exhibitions 

We are the supplier of Sinotruk, CAMC, CIMC, Beiben Truck, AUMAN, JMC, FOTON, JAC, SHACMAN,  Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n, CHINAMFG most of famous truck manufacturing and refitting company use our telescopic cylinder as first choice.
We attended each Bauma ,Las Vegas exhibition, the world grade fair for construction equipments, building material machines, mining machines and earn much more opportunity to extend our business to oversea market.

No.9 FAQ
Q1. What are the same aspects of your cylinder with CHINAMFG cylinder?
A: Same inside structure.
Same outside dimension and same mounting sizes. It can be interchangeable with Hyva’s
Q2. Compared with CHINAMFG cylinder, what are your cylinder advantages?
A: 1. Rod are chrome plated.
2. Tubes are quenched and tempered.
3. Tube inner hole goes through deephole boring machine processing. Surface roughness is 0.4Ra 
and circular degree is 0.571.
4. Good quality yet lower price.
Q3: Are you a manufacture or a trade company?
A: Manufacture, we are the leader manufacturer of hydraulic industry in China with 22 years’ experience and technology accumulation. With strong technical team we could solve any annoyance of you.
Q4: Do you have quality control system?
A: Yes, The quality management system introduced is: ISO/TS 16949:2009-certified by NQA and IATF cert.
Q5: How can I get a booklet and buy a cylinder from you?
A: Very easy! Just leave me a message or email or call me directly, let me know you are interesting in our products. I will talk with you for the details soon!
Q6: Can you tell me the price for the cylinder?
A: 1. Please advice the drawing with technical requirement.
2. Please advice the model No. after you check our booklet.
3. Please advice the tipping capacity, number of stages, closed length, mounting type and size.
4. Please also help advice the quantities, this is very important.
Q7: Do your products come with a warranty?
A: Yes, we have 14 months warranty. In this year, if the quality problem we will free repair for you.
Q8: Hydraulic cylinder internal leakage?
A: 3 main reasons causing internal leakage: Overload, polishing bad controlled, cheap seal kits. As is known to all, vehicles in China are often overloaded, our products all designed to bear the overload power. Advanced equipment could assure the polish processing. And we use the imported/TOP brand seals to meet customers’ requirement.
Q9: What about the quality feedback of your products?
A: We have never received even once quality complaint for many years of international business. 
Q10: Can you help me to install or recommend what kind of hydraulic cylinder or power pack should I use for specific machine?
A: Yes, we have 25 experienced engineers who are always ready to help you. If you do not know what kind of hydraulic cylinders should be used in your machine, please just contact us, our engineers will design the exact products match your need.
Q11: What is the delivery time?
A: Within 15 days for samples.
15-30 days for bulk production, which is depend on quality, production process and so on.
Q12: What is your main payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, either is available.


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Certification: ISO9001, ISO/Ts16949:2009, ABS, API
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Work Temperature: Normal Temperature
Acting Way: Single Acting
Working Method: Straight Trip
Adjusted Form: Switching Type


telescopic cylinder

What advantages do telescopic cylinders offer in heavy equipment?

Telescopic cylinders offer several advantages in heavy equipment applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Compact design:

Telescopic cylinders have a compact design that allows for a relatively small retracted length compared to their extended length. This compactness is advantageous in heavy equipment where space is limited. The reduced length enables the equipment to have a smaller footprint, making it easier to maneuver in confined areas and transport on trailers or trucks.

Extended reach:

Telescopic cylinders provide extended reach capabilities, which is beneficial in heavy equipment operations. The nested design allows for multiple stages to extend, enabling the cylinder to reach greater distances. This extended reach is particularly useful in applications where the equipment needs to lift or push loads over obstacles, reach into deep pits, or access elevated areas.

High force output:

Telescopic cylinders are capable of generating high force output, making them suitable for heavy lifting and pushing tasks. The hydraulic system used in telescopic cylinders allows for amplification of force through the application of hydraulic pressure. This high force output is advantageous in heavy equipment applications that require lifting and moving heavy loads or exerting significant pushing or pulling forces.

Customizable load capacity:

Telescopic cylinders offer load capacity customization. The modular nature of telescopic cylinders allows for the addition or removal of stages, which directly affects the cylinder’s load capacity. By adjusting the number of stages, the cylinder’s load capacity can be tailored to the specific requirements of the heavy equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Smooth operation:

Telescopic cylinders provide smooth and controlled operation. The hydraulic control system allows for precise control of the cylinder’s extension and retraction, ensuring smooth and synchronized movement of multiple stages. This smooth operation is important in heavy equipment applications where precise positioning, lifting, or pushing is required to avoid damage to the equipment or the load.

Durability and reliability:

Telescopic cylinders are built to withstand heavy-duty usage in demanding environments. They are designed using robust materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. The cylinders can withstand high load capacities, harsh operating conditions, and repetitive cycles, making them well-suited for heavy equipment applications that involve continuous and demanding operations.

Overall, telescopic cylinders offer advantages such as compact design, extended reach, high force output, customizable load capacity, smooth operation, durability, and reliability. These advantages contribute to improved efficiency, productivity, and performance of heavy equipment in various industries.

It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to ensure the appropriate selection and application of telescopic cylinders in heavy equipment.

telescopic cylinder

How do telescopic cylinders handle variations in hydraulic seal technology?

Telescopic cylinders are designed to accommodate variations in hydraulic seal technology. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Compatibility with different seal types:

Telescopic cylinders are engineered to be compatible with various types of hydraulic seals available in the market. Whether it’s a standard O-ring seal, lip seal, V-ring seal, or any other seal design, the cylinder’s construction takes into account the requirements of different seal technologies. This compatibility ensures that telescopic cylinders can effectively handle variations in hydraulic seal technology.

Seal retention and protection:

Telescopic cylinders incorporate features to retain and protect hydraulic seals. The cylinder design includes seal grooves, seal retainers, or other mechanisms that securely hold the seals in place, preventing their displacement or damage during operation. This seal retention and protection mechanism ensures the longevity and effectiveness of the seals, regardless of the specific seal technology used.

Seal lubrication and contamination prevention:

Telescopic cylinders address the lubrication and contamination concerns associated with different seal technologies. The cylinder’s hydraulic system is designed to provide proper lubrication to the seals, ensuring smooth movement and reducing friction. Additionally, measures such as seal scrapers or wipers are implemented to prevent the ingress of contaminants, such as dust, dirt, or moisture, which could compromise the performance of the seals. These lubrication and contamination prevention mechanisms cater to the specific requirements of various seal technologies.

Seal replacement and maintenance:

Telescopic cylinders are designed to facilitate seal replacement and maintenance procedures. The cylinder construction allows for easy access to the seals, simplifying the replacement process when necessary. This feature is advantageous when dealing with different seal technologies, as it enables swift and efficient maintenance, regardless of the specific seal design being used.

Adaptability to seal advancements:

Telescopic cylinder designs often incorporate adaptability to advancements in hydraulic seal technology. Manufacturers continuously develop new seal technologies to improve performance, durability, and efficiency. Telescopic cylinders are designed with flexibility to accommodate future advancements, ensuring compatibility with emerging seal technologies and allowing for upgrade possibilities without significant modifications to the cylinder itself.

Overall, telescopic cylinders are engineered to handle variations in hydraulic seal technology through compatibility with different seal types, seal retention and protection features, seal lubrication and contamination prevention mechanisms, ease of seal replacement and maintenance, and adaptability to seal advancements. These design considerations ensure that telescopic cylinders can effectively work with different seal technologies, providing reliable and efficient performance in hydraulic systems.

It’s important to consult the equipment manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for specific information on the recommended seal types and maintenance practices for telescopic cylinders.

telescopic cylinder

Can you explain the purpose and role of telescopic cylinders in machinery?

Telescopic cylinders play a crucial role in various machinery and equipment applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Purpose of telescopic cylinders:

Telescopic cylinders are primarily used when an extended stroke length is required while maintaining a compact retracted length. They enable machinery and equipment to achieve extended reach, height adjustment, or lifting capabilities without increasing the overall size or footprint of the cylinder. The purpose of telescopic cylinders is to provide efficient and reliable linear motion in applications that demand long stroke lengths.

Role of telescopic cylinders in machinery:

  • Material Handling: Telescopic cylinders are extensively used in material handling machinery, such as cranes, forklifts, and loaders. They enable the extension and retraction of booms, arms, or lifting mechanisms, allowing operators to reach higher or farther to handle and transport materials with ease.
  • Dump Trucks and Trailers: Telescopic cylinders are commonly employed in dump trucks and trailers for the tilting and unloading of cargo or bulk materials. The extendable stroke of the cylinder raises the bed or container to dump the contents, enabling efficient unloading and reducing manual labor.
  • Aerial Platforms: Telescopic cylinders are essential components in aerial work platforms, such as cherry pickers or scissor lifts. They facilitate the vertical movement and height adjustment of the platform, allowing operators to access elevated work areas safely.
  • Construction Equipment: Telescopic cylinders are used in various construction equipment, including excavators, backhoes, and telescopic handlers. They provide the necessary extension and retraction for the boom, arm, or bucket, enabling digging, lifting, and reaching capabilities in construction and earthmoving applications.
  • Mobile Equipment: Telescopic cylinders are utilized in mobile equipment, such as telescopic cranes and mobile cranes. They enable the extension and retraction of the boom sections, allowing for increased reach and lifting capacities in lifting and construction operations.
  • Specialized Machinery: Telescopic cylinders find application in specialized machinery, such as fire truck aerial ladders, telescopic masts, or telescopic booms in industrial and military equipment. They provide the required extension and retraction for specific tasks, such as firefighting, surveillance, or equipment deployment.

The role of telescopic cylinders in machinery is to provide precise and controlled linear motion, enabling the equipment to perform specific tasks with extended reach, height adjustment, or lifting capabilities. They contribute to the efficiency, versatility, and productivity of machinery in various industries.

It’s important to ensure proper selection, installation, and maintenance of telescopic cylinders based on the specific machinery requirements and manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe and reliable operation.

China Hot selling High Quality Fee Type Front End Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Trailer on Sale   vacuum pump acChina Hot selling High Quality Fee Type Front End Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder for Trailer on Sale   vacuum pump ac
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