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Product Description

4 Stages Telescopic Single Acting Lift Hydraulic Cylinder for Mining Dumper Truck

Product Specifications:

Item Specifications
Function Lifting/lowering the truck body for cargo dumping
Bore diameter 120mm-480mm,customizable
Bod diameter 90mm-390mm,customizable
Stroke 3000mm-12000mm,customizable
Stage 2-6stages,customizable
Surface treatment of piston rod HaHard Chrome Plating,Electroplated Milky White Chromium+Hard Chromium,Nickel Plating+Hard Chromium Plating,High-Velocity Oxygen-Fuel CrC NiC,Ceramic Coating,Nitriding,Laser Cladding
Work Pressure Maximum 38MPa,Customizable
Material High tensile cold drawn tube, precision honed for extended seal life
Mounting Earring,Flange,Clevis.Foot,Trunnion,Customizable
Seal Type Parker,NOK, Hallite or as customer’s requirement
Warrenty 18 months
MOQ 5 pcs
Production Time Based on order quantity.normally 30-40 days.
Certification ISO9001,CE, SGS
Packaging metal case,plywood case,carton or as requirement 
Service OEM & ODM
Price Advantage Competitive factory price with guaranteed quality
Business Type Manufacturer 

Product Display:


Mounting Method:

Appliactions:Mining Dumper Truck

Our Factory:

Quality Assurance:

  Inspection Type  Inspection Standard
Raw Material Inspection Before storage, QC takes the measurement of the raw materials.
Process Material Inspection During the production, QCs conduct a random inspection.
Before the hydraulic cylinder parts transferred to the next process, QCs takes inspection.
Final Function Testing All the hydraulic cylinders take hydraulic function test

Inspection of Mechanical Properties of Raw Materials


Process Inspection

Final Function Testing

Packing & Delivery:


About US:
Our Certificate


ZheJiang Tianjian Hydraulic Technology Co.,Ltd is specializing in the production of various types of hydraulic cylinders as well as cylinder barrel, piston cylinder and other cylinder accessories.

As a highly specialized manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, tianjian provides design optimization solutions and reliable products to many customers at home and abroad. No matter in construction machinery, railway bridge machinery, port ship machinery, metallurgy and mining machinery, oil and light industry machinery, special vehicles and other industries, tianjian can provide various standard and non-standard hydraulic cylinder design optimization schemes and products according to users’ requirements, and provide integrated services for perfection and quality.

If possible, when contact with us, please apply information as below 




Work Pressure


Work environment







Or you can offer us your sketch diagram or photos so that we could understand you exactly meaning, help us avoid mistakes.

And if you have samples, we can manufacture according to your samples after sending to us.

Welcome to our factory if you have any time.

Your satisfaction is our biggest motivation.

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1, What does your company do?
A: we are a supplier of high quality hydraulic products including Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Motor, Hydraulic Power Pack, Hydraulic station and other Hydraulic components.
2, Are you a manufacture or a trading company?
A: We are a  manufacturer.
3, What certificate do you have?
A: All our factories are ISO certificated. And our main suppliers of materials and parts are with CE, RoHS, CSA and UL certificates.
4, How long is your delivery time?
A: The delivery time depends on different products and quantity. The cylinder usually need about 45-60 days and the Motor need about 30-50 days.
5, Can you make parts as customer’s requirement or drawing?
A: Yes, we can OEM for you as your drawings. Our engineer also can give you professional support for technical suggestions.
6, What kind of payment terms do you accept?
A: We prefer T/T through bank. 30% when order is confirmed and 70% before shipment. L/C is also acceptable for amount over 20,000USD.
7, What is your warranty policy?
A: All our products are warranted for 1 full year from date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover parts that are worn out through the course of normal operation or are damaged through negligence. We serious remind that unclean hydraulic oil will definitely cause damage to your Hydraulic components. And this damage is not included in the warranty range. So we strongly suggest you to use new clean oil or make sure the system oil are clean when using our parts

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Certification: GS, RoHS, CE, ISO9001
Pressure: High Pressure
Work Temperature: High Temperature
Acting Way: Double Acting
Working Method: Straight Trip
Adjusted Form: Regulated Type
US$ 1000/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)




telescopic cylinder

What safety considerations are important when using machinery with telescopic cylinders?

When using machinery with telescopic cylinders, several safety considerations should be taken into account. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Operator training and awareness:

Proper training and awareness are crucial for operators working with machinery equipped with telescopic cylinders. Operators should receive comprehensive training on the safe operation of the machinery, including the correct use of telescopic cylinders. They should be familiar with the controls, safety features, and best practices to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the vicinity.

Regular inspection and maintenance:

Regular inspection and maintenance of telescopic cylinders are essential for ensuring safe operation. Cylinders should be inspected for signs of wear, damage, or leakage. Any issues should be addressed promptly to prevent potential failures or accidents. Lubrication, if required, should be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Proper load capacity and stability:

It is important to ensure that the machinery and telescopic cylinders are used within their specified load capacity. Exceeding the load capacity can lead to instability, loss of control, or structural failure. Proper weight distribution and secure attachment of loads are also critical to maintaining stability during operation.

Safe work environment:

Creating a safe work environment is essential when using machinery with telescopic cylinders. This includes maintaining clear and unobstructed pathways for the machinery’s movement, removing potential hazards, and implementing appropriate safety measures such as barriers, signage, or warning systems to prevent unauthorized access or accidental contact with the machinery or its cylinders.

Emergency stop and shutdown procedures:

Emergency stop and shutdown procedures should be clearly communicated to operators. They should be trained on how to quickly and effectively stop the machinery’s operation in case of an emergency or when a safety hazard is detected. These procedures should be regularly reviewed and practiced to ensure a prompt response in critical situations.

Proper guarding and protection:

Telescopic cylinders should be adequately guarded to prevent accidental contact and potential injuries. Guarding may include physical barriers, shields, or sensors that detect the presence of personnel or objects in the cylinder’s path. Additionally, operators should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended for the specific task and working environment.

Compliance with regulations and standards:

It is important to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards when using machinery with telescopic cylinders. These regulations and standards may address aspects such as design, installation, operation, maintenance, and inspection of the machinery and its components. Adhering to these requirements helps mitigate risks and promotes a safe working environment.

Regular risk assessments:

Regular risk assessments should be conducted to identify and address potential hazards associated with the machinery and telescopic cylinders. This includes assessing risks related to operation, maintenance, equipment failure, environmental conditions, and human factors. Mitigation measures should be implemented based on the findings of the risk assessment.

Overall, safety considerations when using machinery with telescopic cylinders involve operator training, regular inspection and maintenance, load capacity and stability, safe work environment, emergency procedures, guarding and protection, compliance with regulations, and regular risk assessments. By addressing these considerations, the risks associated with operating machinery with telescopic cylinders can be minimized, promoting a safer working environment.

It’s important to consult the machinery manufacturer’s guidelines, safety manuals, and applicable regulations to ensure comprehensive understanding and implementation of safety practices.

telescopic cylinder

Can telescopic cylinders be used in aerial work platforms for extended reach?

Yes, telescopic cylinders are commonly used in aerial work platforms to achieve extended reach. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Increased working height:

Telescopic cylinders enable aerial work platforms to reach greater heights compared to other types of lifting mechanisms. The multi-stage design of telescopic cylinders allows for sequential extension, providing incremental increases in working height. This extended reach capability is crucial for accessing elevated areas such as construction sites, maintenance tasks, or elevated platforms.

Flexible reach adjustment:

Telescopic cylinders offer flexibility in adjusting the reach of aerial work platforms. By extending or retracting the cylinders, operators can modify the platform’s horizontal reach according to the specific job requirements. This flexibility allows for precise positioning of the platform, ensuring safe and efficient access to work areas at varying distances from the base.

Stability and load capacity:

Telescopic cylinders contribute to the stability and load capacity of aerial work platforms during extended reach operations. The cylinders provide structural support and help distribute the weight of the platform and the load being lifted. This load distribution ensures stability, minimizes the risk of tipping or tilting, and allows for safe operation even at maximum reach.

Controlled movements:

Telescopic cylinders enable controlled and smooth movements of aerial work platforms. The hydraulic control system regulates the extension and retraction of the cylinders, allowing for precise control over the platform’s vertical and horizontal motions. This controlled movement enhances operator safety, minimizes vibrations, and enables accurate positioning of the platform during extended reach tasks.

Compact design:

Telescopic cylinders offer a compact design that allows for efficient integration into aerial work platforms. The cylinders can be retracted when not in use, minimizing the space occupied by the lifting mechanism. This compactness allows for better maneuverability, improved accessibility in confined spaces, and efficient transportation of the aerial work platform.

Integration with other platform features:

Telescopic cylinders can be integrated with other features of aerial work platforms to enhance functionality. For example, they can be combined with articulating booms or rotating platforms to achieve versatile reach and positioning capabilities. This integration expands the range of applications for aerial work platforms, enabling them to navigate obstacles, reach over obstacles, or access difficult-to-reach areas.

Advantages of telescopic cylinders in aerial work platforms:

Telescopic cylinders offer several advantages when used in aerial work platforms for extended reach:

  • Increased working height for accessing elevated areas
  • Flexible reach adjustment for precise positioning
  • Stability and load capacity during extended reach
  • Controlled movements for operator safety
  • Compact design for maneuverability and transportation
  • Integration with other platform features for enhanced functionality

Overall, telescopic cylinders are a reliable and efficient choice for achieving extended reach in aerial work platforms. Their ability to increase working height, provide flexibility in reach adjustment, ensure stability, enable controlled movements, offer a compact design, and integrate with other platform features makes them well-suited for a wide range of aerial work applications.

It’s important to consult the equipment manufacturer’s documentation and guidelines for specific information on the integration, operation, and maintenance of telescopic cylinders in aerial work platforms.

telescopic cylinder

How does a telescopic cylinder contribute to precise reach and positioning?

A telescopic cylinder plays a crucial role in achieving precise reach and positioning in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Nested structure:

The nested structure of a telescopic cylinder, consisting of multiple stages or sleeves that retract inside one another, enables precise reach and positioning. Each stage can be extended or retracted individually, allowing for incremental adjustments in the cylinder’s length. This modular design provides fine-tuning capabilities, enabling operators to achieve the desired reach and positioning with accuracy.

Controlled extension and retraction:

The hydraulic control system of a telescopic cylinder ensures controlled extension and retraction of the stages. By regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid to each stage, operators can precisely control the speed and movement of the cylinder. This control allows for smooth and gradual extension or retraction, facilitating precise reach and positioning without abrupt or jerky movements.

Adjustable stroke length:

Telescopic cylinders offer the advantage of adjustable stroke length. The hydraulic system can be adjusted to vary the extension and retraction distance, allowing for customization based on the specific reach and positioning requirements of the application. This adjustability enables operators to adapt the cylinder’s stroke length to different tasks and working conditions, ensuring precise and optimized reach.

Position feedback systems:

In some applications, telescopic cylinders may be equipped with position feedback systems. These systems utilize sensors or transducers to provide real-time feedback on the cylinder’s extension or retraction position. By monitoring the position, operators can precisely track and control the reach and positioning of the cylinder, enhancing accuracy and repeatability.

Stability and rigidity:

Telescopic cylinders are designed to maintain stability and rigidity during operation. The nested structure, along with the hydraulic system, helps minimize unwanted oscillations or vibrations that could affect reach and positioning accuracy. This stability ensures that the cylinder maintains its intended position without undesired movement or deflection.

Overall, a telescopic cylinder contributes to precise reach and positioning through its nested structure, controlled extension and retraction, adjustable stroke length, position feedback systems (if equipped), and stability. These features enable operators to achieve accurate and repeatable reach and positioning in various applications.

It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications, as well as follow proper maintenance practices, to ensure the reliable and precise performance of telescopic cylinders in achieving reach and positioning requirements.

China Custom Hot Selling Dump Hot Selling Dump Truck Trailer Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinderstelescopic Hydraulic Cylinders   vacuum pump brakesChina Custom Hot Selling Dump Hot Selling Dump Truck Trailer Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinderstelescopic Hydraulic Cylinders   vacuum pump brakes
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